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Payment options

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Payments and Fees

Once you have placed an order to buy or sell with SilverBack Bullion Inc., you have entered into a binding agreement. When ordering online, the price at which your order is submitted is the locked-in price. Your confirmation number will be in your return email. You must ensure that your payment is received within three (3) business days to guarantee your price. If payment is not received within three (3) business days, the order is cancelled and any deficit between the price at which you originally bought the item and the offsetting purchase price and/or prices is your responsibility.

How can I pay for my order?

For all physical purchases of precious metals, payments can be made in various ways. For instructions on how to send:

Bill Payments, (click here)

Interac e-Transfer, (click here)

Mail payments (Money Orders/ Bank Drafts and Certified Cheques, which must be guaranteed by a bank), (click here)

PayPal, (click here)

Wire Transfer, (click here)

We recommend paying by the following methods:

  • Orders ranging from $0 to $5,999.99 (CAD) are recommended to be paid via any option listed above and must be received within three (3) business days.

  • Orders ranging from $5,999.99 (CAD) to $9,999.99 (CAD) are recommended to be paid by bank wire or certified cheque and must be received within three (3) business days.

  • Orders over $9,999.99 (CAD) are recommended to be paid by bank wire and must be received within three (3) business days.

Can I pay for my order with a credit card?

A credit card cannot be used at this point in time to pay for a transaction(s).

Pricing or Typographical Errors

We work hard to provide accurate product and pricing information. However, pricing or typographical errors may occur. In the event that an item is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to an error, SilverBack Bullion shall reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any orders placed for that item. If an item is incorrectly priced, we will either contact you with instructions or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation (no fees applied). Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

What is your cancellation policy with respect to the purchase of precious metal products?

For every cancelled purchase, an administrative fee of $45 will be charged. If the price of the precious metals you were purchasing rises above the price at which you agreed to purchase them, there will be no additional charge. If there is no change in price between the time you make your purchase and the time that it is cancelled, there will be no additional charge.

SilverBack Bullion Inc. incurs a market loss when the price of the precious metals you were purchasing falls below the price at which you agreed to purchase them. Should this happen, you will be charged the difference of the decrease in the total value of your purchase in addition to the $45 administrative fee.

Our “Market Loss Policy”

When purchasing from SilverBack Bullion Inc., the following policies shall apply: Once we have issued a confirmation number, your price is locked in and your order is deemed binding and cannot be cancelled. However, should you fail to meet your obligation of completing the transaction with SilverBack Bullion, we may redeem the precious metals at our current market price.

Clients are responsible for any losses suffered by SilverBack Bullion Inc., all additional charges arising as a result of the redemption, and a single cancellation fee of forty-five Canadian dollars ($45.00 CAD) per transaction. Any market gains at the time of redemption shall remain the sole property of SilverBack Bullion because all of our products are priced with respect to the spot price of metals. This policy applies to all of SilverBack Bullion Inc’s products.

What happens if my payment does not reach SilverBack Bullion Inc. by the stipulated deadline?

SilverBack Bullion Inc must receive your payment no later than three (3) business days from the date on which a purchase is booked. If we do not receive your payment by this deadline, SilverBack Bullion Inc. may deem your purchase to be cancelled and you may be liable for market loss payments and other fees, as described in our Market Loss Policy.

If you expect your payment to be delayed, please email to have this fact noted on your account.